Tanjong Pagar

tanjong pagar

Right at the fringe of the CBD, amongst Singapore’s most vibrant neighbourhoods.

rooms for rent in Tanjong Pagar

Comprised of a mix of traditional shophouses housing many up and coming independent businesses, interspersed with impressive tall offices and condo buildings. Work or play, Tanjong Pagar always has something to offer. Renting a room at Tanjong Pagar will be a great choice for you if you love living in the vicinity of throngs of bars, fancy restaurants, the hottest cafes in town and your workplace. Ann Siang Hill and Club street are the destinations for weekend revelers with an abundant supply of lively bars and watering holes that stay open late into the night even on weekdays. Around Amoy Street, Duxton Hill and Keong Saik Road, you’ll find some of the best international cuisine the city has to offer. If you're craving for some Korean barbecue, Tanjong Pagar Road is home to some of the most popular Korean barbecue restaurants in town. Feel like having hawker fare for dinner after work? Simply take a walk down from the room you rented to one of the three most renown food centres in Singapore - Lau Pat Sat, Maxwell Food Centre or Amoy Street Food Centre and take your pick from the numerous stalls selling piping hot local dishes. To the north of the area you’ll find Chinatown with its tranquil temples, bustling eateries and colourful HDBs. A couple of blocks in the opposite direction and you will land smack bang into Raffles Place and Marina Bay.

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Work-life balance can be easy as living close to your workplace and your ideal recreational spots. Go from 9-5 to after work soirees with no downtime and long, crowded weekday peak hour commute by living right in Tanjong Pagar. Gather your workmates and flatmates and strut down the street to your favourite bars when you clock out any day of the week.

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