Redhill & Alexandra

redhill & alexandra

Home to the globally renowned building, The Interlace, that has won numerous architectural awards.

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Looking for rooms to rent in Redhill and Alexandra? Whether you’re someone who prioritises convenience or affordability, there is something for everyone here with Cove. Up and coming, the area is suitable for young professionals, families, and couples. Commonly touted as a creative arts space, individuals with a penchant for aesthetics will enjoy spending their weekends and commutes to work from here. You’ll find some seriously cool urban street art, courtesy of the Social Creatives - a non-profit social group that are interested in connecting Singaporeans through art. Not to be missed is Colbar, one of the oldest cafes in the city that's located in an old British Army Canteen has real rustic charm and serves up great value no-nonsense Western food. There is also some great architecture to check out, including the monochrome art-deco inspired Wessex Estate and innovative public housing (HDB) development, SkyVille, which easily rivals the Pinnacle in the CBD. To the near west of the CBD and only an easy 20 minute commute away, these neighbourhoods are considered centrally located.

living in Redhill & Alexandra

Only 20 minutes away by train and bus, renting a room in Redhill gives you prime accessibility to the Central Business District (CBD). Getting to town for your weekend shopping sprees are easy too. Amenities, accessibility, and aesthetics - what more can you ask for?

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Experience the joy of shared spaces, where you can connect with like-minded individuals and forge friendships that go beyond the walls of your home. From communal kitchens, dining and living areas, Cove provides an environment that encourages social interactions, making your living experience not just comfortable but enriching.

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Looking to make the move to Redhill and Alexandra? Browse available rooms for rent and get started by booking your free no-obligation viewing with us. Whether it is a short-term or long-term rental, Cove is able to accommodate your needs. Check out our FAQ to get all your questions answered.