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vaccine getting jabbed into shoulder
Perks of being vaccinated

Whether it's Moderna or Pfizer, be sure to book your vaccination appointment today to protect ourselves and loved ones from the pandemic.

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Mun Yee in her room, sharing her LV handbag collection
New to Singapore? Be sure to subscribe to Mun Yee’s YouTube channel!

Gadget tips, housing, shopping and trekking. Mun Yee shares it all on her videos.

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These dads have very insightful advice for other dads!

This Father's Day, let's celebrate the hero who have shaped our lives. 🦸‍♂️

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two girl besties taking a selfie by the pool
Things to do on Best Friend Day, even if you’re miles apart

Check out these activities you can do with your bestie, from Netflix Party to DIY spa!

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Things to do at home in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

Now that Work From Home is the default, we'll spending more time in our cosy homes. Here are some activities you can do while we stay safe in our home.

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Introducing the new Cove app, aka the coolest app in town!

Everything you need is now in your smartphone!📱 From paying monthly invoices, raising tickets and talking to new flatmates.

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mom kissing baby in a field, holding balloons
Meet the mothers of Cove!

It's Mother's Day, let's celebrate the wonderful and important ladies who raised us.

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 a group of youths talking to each other by the bar table while 2 other young man and woman sitting down by the sofa, using their mobile phones
Co-living and traditional home rentals, what are the differences?

Instant community and flexible renting are a few perks of co-living!

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a fully furnished bed, complete with aircon system, a desk by the side and a table lamp
He is in charge of the ‘fully furnished’ aspect of Cove, find out how he does it!

Alchy shares what he likes about his job as an intern with Cove

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marina bay sands with sgunited heart logo at night, reminding us of circuit breaker
A year after Circuit Breaker

What have we gained from this isolation experience?

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15 years. That’s how long this fellow Covey has been playing the guitar!

Check out his covers on YouTube 🎥

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cosy studio attic, fully equipped kitchen, a study table and reading corner
Love Cove homes? That’s because it’s specially handpicked!

Not gonna lie, we'd love to stay in Cove homes too. 😉

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These crystals helped our Covey ace her job interviews!

Talk about we will, we will rock you 🔮

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two young female students drinking and talking over snacks at the outer deck
Not your typical intern

Meet Melissa, the person in charge of beautifying Cove's property photos!

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raining on window with buildings
Homesick in the 21st Century 

We know you miss your home, this is why Cove brings your home to you.

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dining area at 460A Geylang Road, with plants in rattan baskets decked on to the wall
Secrets of an interior designer

Meet the man who beautifies your Cove homes!

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friends coliving chatting
6 ways to befriend your new flatmates!

Your Covey flatmates will always welcome you with open hands.

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