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friends hangint out drinking and eating chips at the outdoor deck, laughing and smiling
Debunking common co-living myths and misconceptions

Don't just foolishly believe what you've been told!

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young man sitting down using his laptop in the living room
Things you should know before trying out co-living

You might wanna take down some notes!

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hand holding a phone showing screen of Disney+
Disney+: To subscribe or not to subscribe?

Why you should fork out a few dollars for the latest streaming platform!

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messy room with clothes all over, disorganised wardrobe and dirty dishes
Creating extra spaces for your storage needs

It's time to get organised!

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studio room with kitchen, sofa and TV
All you need to book a room with us is your smartphone!

Moving in with Cove is that simple.

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two young ladies hanging out on bed, laughing
Fun things to do in your new Cove home

The possibilities are endless!

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Singapore skyline, marina bay sands
What changes can you experience when living abroad in Singapore?

These tips will help you adapt to Singapore smoothly.

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white sofa beside christmas tree
These Christmas decorations sleigh

Tis the season to be decorating!

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raining on window with buildings
Homesick in the 21st Century 

We know you miss your home, this is why Cove brings your home to you.

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mutiple indoor plants being displayed by the balcony, on racks and in beautiful coloured pots
7 indoor plants that will make you feel relaxed

Say aloe to your new at-home-therapists!

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man with lettuce by the refrigerator door
Keep it fridgin’ clean!

The festive season is coming, now is a great time to make space in the refrigerator!

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deepavali and diwali candles lit up
Diwali — a day full of food, family time and spiritual reflection

We asked some of our Coveys what they miss back home and how they plan on celebrating Deepavali this year.

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Group of friends in the living room enjoying beer and playing games
How to pick the right co-living in Singapore

So many co-living choices, but what suits you best?

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friends and flatmates sitting together by singapore river
Simple tips on how to get along with your flatmates

Everything you need to know to make your co-living experience more enjoyable!

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friends coliving chatting
6 ways to befriend your new flatmates!

Your Covey flatmates will always welcome you with open hands.

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women playing games, playstation
What to expect when you're co-living?

A quick co-living 101 for newbies!

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