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two female friends watching movie comfortable  on the bed
Move in with friends this new semester

Looking for a home off-campus? At Cove homes, we make virtual learning comfortable for you!

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mini house, coins, calculator, pen, paper and keys on top of a table
The pandemic and the idea of renting 

Overcome your worries about renting in Singapore during the COVID-19 pandemic; Cove has all the right solutions for your needs. Learn more today!

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an asian girl and a hijabi woman working and doing work at the dining table at a shophouse
The ideal work from home situation

Here are some tips to make remote work way convenient than it already has been!

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Making serviced apartments & corporate housing easy - here's how

Corporate housing need not be too complicated here in Singapore, Cove offers better solutions than the traditional serviced apartments! Learn more today.

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a sample lease agreement contract, a pen is laid over the contract
Make the most of your properties with the help of Cove

Cove makes leasing easy for both private and institutional landlords in Singapore; make the most of your properties today with our expert help. Learn more now.

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two girl besties taking a selfie by the pool
Things to do on Best Friend Day, even if you’re miles apart

Check out these activities you can do with your bestie, from Netflix Party to DIY spa!

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Renting out your property? Choose Cove!

For landlords or homeowners looking for alternative revenue streams, Cove will provide consistent revenue and reliable service for you!

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Fancy living in a shophouse? With Cove, anything is possible!

Here's how you can live in this heritage-rich and historic property commonly found in Tanjong Pagar, Joo Chiat and Chinatown.

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build to house hdb houses under construction
Where should you stay while waiting for your delayed BTO?

Staying with in-laws? You wouldn't want that, I promise you! Why not opt for co-living?

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Things to do at home in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

Now that Work From Home is the default, we'll spending more time in our cosy homes. Here are some activities you can do while we stay safe in our home.

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4 reasons to consider Cove if you are planning to make Singapore home

Leaving your home for Singapore need not be a nightmare, let Cove help make your renting experience a dream come true instead with our housing options!

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Introducing the new Cove app, aka the coolest app in town!

Everything you need is now in your smartphone!📱 From paying monthly invoices, raising tickets and talking to new flatmates.

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man at travelator of Singapore Changi Airport
Moving to Singapore — what you need to know

Moving to Singapore as a foreigner can be scary, but it is much easier than you think, get the lowdown on how housing and renting works with Cove!

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a hand holding keys to a home
A Singapore house — rent or buy?

Having a home in Singapore is not always about the buying, renting can be a viable option too, especially with the changing market. Learn how today!

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Lumiere should be your new home, here’s why!

You can actually see Sentosa from this condo at Tanjong Pagar!

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 a group of youths talking to each other by the bar table while 2 other young man and woman sitting down by the sofa, using their mobile phones
Co-living and traditional home rentals, what are the differences?

Instant community and flexible renting are a few perks of co-living!

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friends hangint out drinking and eating chips at the outdoor deck, laughing and smiling
Debunking common co-living myths and misconceptions

Don't just foolishly believe what you've been told!

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young man sitting down using his laptop in the living room
Things you should know before trying out co-living

You might wanna take down some notes!

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hand holding a phone showing screen of Disney+
Disney+: To subscribe or not to subscribe?

Why you should fork out a few dollars for the latest streaming platform!

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messy room with clothes all over, disorganised wardrobe and dirty dishes
Creating extra spaces for your storage needs

It's time to get organised!

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